Know more about Enterprise Application Software (EAS)


What is Enterprise Application Software?

It’s a large software that is used in the organizations to support day-to-day activities instead of the individually effort, as in some organizations it’s required from the employees to work on the same computer system. That’s why, such enterprises need to use enterprise application software.

Features of Using Enterprise Application Software

  • Enabling all the employees to access the same information which prevents the miscommunication and inefficiency,
  • In the case of critical issue within the entire organization, the enterprise application software can address it completely,
  • It allows multiple users in different locations to access on the same functionality,
  • It enhances the business efficiency and productivity.

Examples of Services Provided by Enterprise Application Software

  • Online Shopping and Payment,
  • Automated Billing Systems,
  • Security,
  • Enterprise Content Management “ECM”,
  • IT Service Management,
  • Customer Relationship Management “CRM”,
  • Enterprise Resource Planning,
  • Business Intelligence “BI”,
  • Project Management,
  • Human Resource “HR” Management,
  • Manufacturing,
  • Enterprise Application Integration.

So, from the above, we conclude that enterprise application software (EAS) is a central system that got used in the organizations to enable the employees to work on the same system from different locations.



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