Accounting Digital Management and Work Productivity


Going paperless became the trend nowadays. It is a vital process for all businesses to improve the productivity of the work and enhance managing the workflow. However, regarding the digital accounting workflow, being a paper-based process is considered as the backbone in any business strategy. That’s why, one shall know the difference between an input...
How iLead improves Customer Service via Document Management


Here comes a question that needs to be asked and answered as there are lots of debates around it. The question is, why people are afraid of accepting and applying any change? In the field of technology and document management system, the employees are afraid of turning from the paper-based processes to such digital electronic...
Know about Virtual Private Network (VPN)


The technology of Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides a secure remote internet access. In other words, we can say that it creates an illusionary network which gives the users a remote access to the network via an encrypted connection to secure the transferred data among the users and this is by creating a fake (IP)...
Transport Layer Security (TLS)


Transport Layer Security is an evolved protocol from the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. So, we can define both of them as a cryptographic protocol that secures the communications between two applications or between the server and web browser. Although both of them can be referred to as (SSL), there are some differences between them...
All You Need To know About Ruby On Rails “ROR”


First of all, let me introduce the main idea of our topic “Rails” as there is a sort of confusion while defining it. Rails is a web application framework which is designed to work with “Ruby” programming language; which means that rails isn’t a programming language per se. Also, it worht mentioning that ruby on...
What do you know about Google AdWords


If you are a business owner or have a product and want to market your website on Google, so you have to deal with Google AdWords or what is known as “PPC” (Pay Per Click) which means that you’ll have to pay for Google according to the number of clicks on your website. In the...
Electronic Records Management (ERM)


Records management is the “Evidence” which reflects the policies, the laws, the legislation, and the functions in the company. However, due to the increase of these records which are extremely important, people try to keep them safe and secure. So, recently, new programs appeared that manage,store, and track these records electronically to save money, time,...
10 Common Terms about Web


The Internet has became one of the basics of our daily life. However, most of us used to hear strange terms  that related to the web and the internet. So, in the following few lines, iLead will tackle some of these important terms. URL It is an abbreviation of “Uniform Resource Locator”. It is the...
Increasing Website Rank


If you have a website then you have to think about how to gain a high rank for it so Google will be able to show it in the search engines’ first pages. Therefore, there are a lot of steps that shall be followed to get a high rank for your website. However, there are...
Hints about Subdomain


The main domain consists of two parts which are: the website name and the extension of the domain name. For example, ilead company’s main domain is . Here, the website name is “iLeadco” and the extension of the domain name is “.com”. However, the subdomain is a subordinate from the main domain and can...



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