Using Google Business View in Real Estate Management


Google Business View is a new feature introduced by Google for businesses. This feature is commonly used by all types of businesses and is especially popular among real estate brokers and other small scale real estate management companies.

What Does Google Business View Do?

Google business view provides a 3600 tour of your business. Think of it as a virtual tour of your business place where your customer can take a look at your business from anywhere in the world. This feature is fully compatible with Google Search, Google Maps and Google+.

Popularity In Real Estate Management

Google Business View is an adaptation of Google Street View and since its launch many small scale real estate management agencies and individual real estate brokers have extensively used it for their business.


This feature is popular among real estate brokers because it helps them create a virtual tour of each commercial apartment, office, shop and other units. Posting this virtual tour on the web helps them reach a wider audience and gives their customers a chance to look inside the building before actually visiting the property.

What People Think About Google Business View?

A large number of real estate agents have witnessed a positive trend in sales. The higher number of sales is attributed to the use of Google Business View. According to some real estate agents the virtual tour has helped them sort out potential buyers from actual buyers. According to Sylvia Ahmadnia (Owner of Greek Island Café) “People have actually said that since they took the virtual tour on Google, that made the difference of coming to our business place rather than going to the other”

It has also been reported that businesses have seen a 25% impressions increase on their site because of Google Business View. Moreover many real estate agents suggest that this features helps provide customers a unique experience that later helps in active lead generation.


How Does Google Business View Work?

This feature requires the services of a Google-approved photographer who photographs your business place and in a few weeks’ time your business virtual tour is available on Google.Luke George is a Google-approved photographer who says “Commercial Real Estate is perfectly viable for Google Business View virtual tours”.

Only google licensed photographers can film, edit and create virtual tours of your business place. According to Jeremy Frank who is also a photographer “A lot of restaurants (are interested, as well as), car dealerships and any retail shop that has invested a lot in their interior”.

Business View is currently not available for residential and living spaces. It costs around a few hundred dollars for small area to $1500 dollars for a larger area.

Foresite Legacy – A Complete Real Estate CRM

Now, although Google business view can be used for commercial real estate, there are major limitations when it comes to residential real estate. In such a case we have a complete real estate CRM solution designed for our customers. Our real estate management application is designed for both small and large real estate developers.

With Foresite Legacy you can not only create virtual tours of residential units but also manage city level multiple projects. This simple sales support program can help you make quicker and more lucrative real estate sales in less amount of time. You can learn more about Foresite Legacy by visiting our website.


iLead Integrated Solutions is a market leader in developing enterprise applications. Its major focus is the Middle East market. Our specialization include Real Estate Management Solutions, Healthcare Solutions, ERP Solutions and Document Management System.


Google has dominated the online world and is considered by billions of people as the first source of finding information. In such a unique and tremendous case it is extremely important for all types of physical businesses to get their business in the online marketplace for the users to find it. Google Business View is the ultimate solution as it develops a 360 visual of your business and puts it online. Every business that has a physical location should opt for Google business view to get an online presence.



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