ACTIVA Enterprise is a customer relationship management solution that provides the capabilities needed to connect marketing, sales, finance and customer support teams to better sales opportunities; ultimately a better perspective of the market.

Marketing Automation

Activa Enterprise helps your business to develop, target and implement campaigns and analyze results. You can also manage and analyze promotions and budget along with detailed analysis of interest factors. With iLead Activa Enterprise solution you can plan for the future and monitor inventory management and keep a close eye on your competitors with detailed analysis.

Sales Automation

Sales automation primarily help your business salesforce to effectively process reservation orders and contracts. With the help of advanced management of contacts, you can create different prospects for your clients reflecting their interest and opportunities. With the help of advanced contacts affiliation management, you can avoid conflict of interest scenarios. You can also keep up to date with the activities of your salesforce and manage their commissions and incentives.

Customer Care

Customer Care has never been so much easier than with Activa Enterprise. You can now indulge in real time transactions (cancellations, upgrade, ownership transfers and reselling). iLead solution also offers contact center integration. It helps you keep a track of all interactions with your customers and streamlines your business service processes.

Credit and Collection

With the help of Activa Enterprise credit and collection functionality, your business can now schedule different payment schedules and link them to promotions for direct sales and brokers. Moreover, it helps you customize payments in real-time streaming your business service processes. It offers multi-currency functionally along with register collection and refunds whilst giving you control over exchange rates.

Key Features

  • 360-Degree Client View
  • Design & Implement Business Processes For Direct Sales & Brokers Independently
  • Multi Project, Country, Currency & Agency Options
  • User-Friendly Interface With Navigation Options
  • Scalable Solutions For SMB & Large Enterprises
  • Microsoft Office Support (Word, Excel and Outlook)
  • Advanced KPI’s and RPI’s
  • Personalization
  • Drag and Drop Options
  • Customizable Dashboard & Analytical Reporting
  • Ready To Integrate With ERP, EDMS And Contact Center Platforms

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iLead has been a wonderful partner for us. The team has a tireless work ethic, endless enthusiasm, and the know-how to get things done for us quickly. They are incredibly responsive and will do whatever it takes to get the job done. iLead Integrated Solutions company is registered in State of Kuwait and is conducting its business with MEA focus and global reach with its global partners.


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