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Matrixel CRM Software is a Customer Relationship Management solution that connects sales, marketing and customer support teams with better sales opportunities, customer services resulting in an improved market perspective.

Matrixel CRM, one of the best, among CRM Systems, focuses on Horizontal Industries which is a set of variety of businesses and government entities grouped based on the mutual need for designated goods and services.

Marketing Automation

Matrixel CRM helps in market automation by managing and analyzing budgets and promotions, target specific audiences, analyze interest factors, monitor inventory flow and perform a thorough competitor analysis.

Sales Automation

With the help of sales automation, your business can effectively process reservation orders and contacts, develop different profiles of customers highlighting their interests and opportunities. view contacts affiliations and re-affiliations along with keeping a track of everyday activities of your salesforce whilst managing their commissions and incentives.

Customer Service

Matrixel CRM helps capture and track interactions with customers, offers accurate and consistent answers and in doing so, streamlines the business service processes.

Key Features

  • Personalization
  • Multi Project, Country, Currency And Agency
  • Scalable Solutions Can Be Implemented For SMB And Large Enterprises
  • Advanced KPI's And RPI's
  • 360-Degree Client View
  • Ready To Integrate With ERP, EDMS/CMS And Contact Center Platforms
  • Drag And Drop Options
  • Customizable Dashboard And Analytical Reporting
  • Microsoft Office Support (Word, Excel And Outlook)
  • Familiar And Easy To Use Interface And Navigation Options

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