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    ACTIVA Enterprise

    ACTIVA Enterprise is a customer relationship management solution that provides the capabilities needed to connect marketing, sales, finance and customer support teams to better sales opportunities; ultimately a better perspective of the market.

    Marketing Automation

    Activa Enterprise helps your business to develop, target and implement campaigns and analyze results. You can also manage and analyze promotions and budget along with detailed analysis of interest factors. With iLead Activa Enterprise solution you can plan for the future and monitor inventory management and keep a close eye on your competitors with detailed analysis.

    Sales Automation

    Sales automation primarily help your business salesforce to effectively process reservation orders and contracts. With the help of advanced management of contacts you can create different prospects for your clients reflecting their interest and opportunities. With the help of advanced contacts affiliation management you can avoid conflict of interest scenarios. You can also keep up to date with the activities of your salesforce and manage their commissions and incentives.

    Customer Care

    Customer Care has never been so much easier than with Activa Enterprise. You can now indulge in real time transections (cancellations, upgrade, ownership transfers and reselling). iLead solution also offers contact center integration. It helps you keep a tract of all interactions with your customers and streamlines your business service processes.

    Credit and Collection

    With the help of Activa Enterprise credit and collection functionality your business can now schedule different payment schedules and link them to promotions for direct sales and brokers. Moreover it helps you customize payments in real-time streaming your business service processes. It offers multi-currency functionally along with register collection and refunds whilst giving you control over exchange rates.
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    iACTIVA completes a full circle by allowing your customers to access a user friendly web portal in order to communicate with your process and conduct their transactions online in ease and safety. It reduces load on front desks and contact centers and creates a collaboration community for your customers.

    Customer Account Management

    iActiva offers Customer Account Management whereby customers can manage their own profiles. They can also view summarized financial statements, payments that are due and details about service fee.

    Online e -Transactions

    The detailed iActiva e-transaction module helps your business, process all transactions online and eliminates paper work. You can initiate follow-ups and view the flow of payments along with notifications. Transactions that are processed off-line are also visible along with their status and users can conduct online payments.

    Local Messaging System

    The Local Messaging System helps in sending and receiving of messages and notifications. Users can also sent enquiries to customer services.
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    FORESITE Legacy

    Foresite Legacy is a web based Customers Relation Management system (CRM) specially developed for real-estate developers & enterprise companies that own or act as owner of its real-estate inventory.

    You might be asking yourself, “What is CRM and why does my company need it?” in fact; Customer Relationship Management is more straightforward than most people think.
    At its best, CRM gives companies information to better understand their existing and potential customers, which can then feed into sales, marketing, and customer service functions. A good CRM system creates a two-way interaction between customer and business by combining technology, methodology, and operational processes into a framework that continuously provides customer behavioral information.

    OK, so why does your company need a CRM plan? As you know, success is built around the customer experience. The more you know about your customers’ buying habits, the better you can tailor your approach to those customers as well as future customers. CRM is about driving the most customer value your company can offer.
    Think of it less as a technology and more as a business strategy

    New company-wide standards

    Your current customer relationship model could be negatively affecting the customer experience if everything is fragmented.
    Producing a standardized approach across all channels — such as retail/agent locations, call centers and online services — will reduce the risk of losing customers.

    New personalized approach

    Customers are unique, even if they want the same things. By creating a human-driven approach to customer interaction, people will be more likely to connect with your company.

    New connections

    There are more methods of communication today than ever before. Communicating across social media and mobile devices are some of the way to put a personal touch on customer interaction.

    Prioritize customers over company

    The customer experience must be the central theme of a CRM strategy to produce new revenue.

    Multi Project Support

    • Project specific virtual 2D maps, land plots, and interior views.
    • Unit specific photographs.

    Rich Graphical Interface

    • Interactive virtual maps.
    • 2D animations.
    • Real life pictures.
    • Plots.
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    RELIANCE is a Real Estate Inventory Management solution that provides facilities needed to manage conventional Real Estate and Time Share Inventory.

    RELIANCE allows you to manage your complete inventory hierarchy including projects, buildings, floors and units and conveniently allocate defined portions of your inventory to different agencies/brokers. Managing suppliers with pools of items according to sales channel, geographically or according to Inventory specifications.

    Real Estate Projects Configuration

    With iLead Reliance your business can manage relations between projects, suppliers and inventory pools with dynamic price lists. Moreover you can streamline project inventory and pricing with ACTIVA Enterprise. Reliance helps you manage your leasehold and time sharing real estate business.

    Inventory Control Automation

    Reliance Inventory Control Automation helps in assisted creation of real estate inventory in bulk. Your business can now perform Inventory Reservations, Order placement, Processing and Assignment; locally or in integration with ACTIVA Enterprise. The decision-support logic for inventory picking is based on the reservations requirements. You can also set safety thresholds for low inventory availability to ensure safe and guaranteed inventory reservations.

    Inventory Reporting

    Reliance offers elaborate reporting with help of graphical and tabulated reports to identify the inventory status. You can easily identify spatial and chronological inventory availability gaps and track history of inventory reservations and allocations.
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    Property management system is software that designed and can be implemented to meet the varied requirements of any size residential, commercial and industrial real estate including apartments, detached houses, condominium units and shopping centers.

    Property management typically involves the managing of property that is owned by another party or entity. The most important benefit of any property management software is the ability to effectively manage your properties to save both time and money.

    Functions covered by the System

    • Managing properties that are available for lease.
    • Maintaining and handling all the day-to-day activities that are centered on the piece of real estate.
    • Seeking out tenants to occupy the space.
    • Collecting monthly rental payment.
    • Maintaining the property.
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