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    Matrixel CRM

    Matrixel CRM Software is a Customer Relationship Management solution that connects sales, marketing and customer support teams with better sales opportunities, customer services resulting in an improved market perspective.

    Matrixel CRM, one of the best, among crm Systems, focuses on Horizontal Industries which is a set of variety of businesses and government entities grouped based on the mutual need for designated goods and services.


    Marketing Automation

    Matrixel CRM helps in market automation by managing and analyzing budgets and promotions, target specific audiences, analyze interest factors, monitor inventory flow and perform a thorough competitor analysis.

    Sales Automation

    With the help of sales automation your business can effectively process reservation orders and contacts, develop different profiles of customers highlighting their interests and opportunities. View contacts affiliations and re-affiliations along with keeping a track of everyday activities of your salesforce whilst managing their commissions and incentives.

    Customer Service

    Matrixel CRM helps capture and track interactions with customers, offers accurate and consistent answers and in doing so, streamlines the business service processes.
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    Matrixel HRMS

    MATRIXEL HRMS (Human Resource Management System) is enabling firms around the world to transform their HR functions from predominantly administrative departments to functions that develop and deliver programs to improve worker efficiency. People-related costs now constitute the majority of total corporate expenditures and leading firms have embraced the need to better manage their human capital and build a more effective workforce.

    Human Resource Management

    With Matrixel HRMS your business can manage employee life cycles, manage organizations and attendance management. Moreover your HR department can now work more efficiently and offer proper compensation and benefits to the employees.

    Talent Management

    The HRMS help in talent acquisition and management by offering several functionalities that include goal management, succession planning, performance appraisal and management and career development administration.

    Recruitment Management

    With the help of recruitment management module your business can now keep a track of all applicants, schedule interviews, keep a track of newly hired resources and perform all recruitment tasks.

    Payroll Management Solution

    Matrixel HRMS (Hr System) makes payroll management easy by helping your business keep a track of all transactions, salaries, bonuses and other monetary benefits offered to the employees.
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    Matrixel Finance & AMS

    MATRIXEL Finance & AMS (Accounting Management System) offers a complete account management solution to cater to your business financial needs. It is now easier to create financial models for your business, develop strategies for future and perform risk analysis. Moreover you can now stay updated on all funding activities and manage accounts easily.


    Financial Modelling

    Matrixel Finance & AMS streamlines your business financial operations simplifying all business related activities and provides detailed reporting along with models, graphs and financial reports for analyzing different financial scenarios.
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    Matrixel SCM

    MATRIXEL SCM (Supply Chain Management) is designed for Small and Large Enterprises to simplify the logistic and supply chain management of their business, increase efficiency and eliminate bottlenecks and pilferage for your supply chain. Our SCM software solution will positively impact the growth of the company by increasing profits and decreasing operational costs.


    SCM Functions

    Matrixel SCM solution performs functions that include customer requirement processing, inventory management, supplier management, purchase/sale order management and inventory control.
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    Matrixel IMS

    MATRIXEL IMS (Inventory Management Solution) is a complete ERP inventory management system that helps your business keep track of your inventory, enhance efficiency of supply chain and increase profits. With the help of our ERP Inventory Management Software your business will have advanced control over purchasing, selling, warehousing, and inventory control.



    Monitoring & Reporting

    You will also be able to get detailed reports of marketing and sales, order placement and tracking, shipping and monitoring of projects, assignments and issues. Moreover the IMS is highly flexible and scalable which makes it the perfect inventory management solution for your business.
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