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    Unified Communications

    Unified communications simply involves the integration of real-time communication services within an organization. These services can vary from instant messaging, VoIP to Audio & Video conferencing over the web.



    Unified Communications

    iLead Integrated Solutions provides extensive unified communications services to enhance the communication within and outside and enterprise while cutting down on costs and increasing performance.

    IP Telephony

    For enhanced and uninterrupted voice communications we provide IP telephony solutions using standard internet protocols. It offers instant communication means throughout the enterprise and the employees can talk to each other using any type of media device. iLead IP Telephony engineers offer a well-established communication solution so that your organization can benefit from a converged network. With the highest security features you get a scalable and flexible communication system.

    Video Conferencing

    iLead offers high performance video conferencing services and IT infrastructure which is flexible and scalable to meet the needs of different types of enterprises. Through Video conferencing you can conduct meetings over the web face-to-face and cut down on travel expense that you would have to bear otherwise. With our comprehensive video solution organizations can expect greater employee collaboration and engagement.
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    Routing And Switching

    The world today is connected on a global scale with extensive data sharing and communication which is made possible through Local Area Networks & Wide Area Networks. Routing & Switching act as bridges between data transmission and used extensively both on a small and large scale.


    LANs & WANs

    Organizations face the problem of meeting with the demands and capability of the overall network infrastructure which ends up unbalancing the scales of costs associated with it and the returns. Some organizations opt for extra wireless AP (Access Points) to cater to the increasing demand but it usually hurts enterprise mobility and the overall network performance. Devices such as smartphones, laptops, television, servers, tablets and even camera used for security have their own IP (A Unique Identification) to connect to a network and transmit data globally. Due to high usability of network data transmission and variety in data many organizations are faced with the challenge of coping with such immense network activity levels.

    IT Infrastructure Managemenet

    The solution is a well-designed network structure consisting of the latest technology. iLead Integrated Solutions specializes in routing and switching networks and provides services to ISPs, Local Area Networks & Wide Area Network Connectivity. iLead Integrated Solutions has designed the network architecture that relies on efficient IT infrastructure Management while eliminating risks and providing you with a cost effective business-ready network.

    IT Expertise

    With iLead IT experts and Routing & Switching technology your business will eliminate downtime, increase efficiency, eliminate packet loss and provide support for your existing IT Infrastructure from multiple vendor technologies.
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    Wireless And Mobility

    As your organization evolves so does its needs, a higher workforce among other things require uninterrupted access to the network and internet through wireless connectivity LAN (WLAN) on their laptops, tablets and smartphones.


    Wireless Connectivity

    A network that offers wireless connectivity on the go continuously without disruption and at low cost not only makes your business more agile but also ensure better use of your employees precious time.

    On-Premises Connectivity Services

    iLead Integrated Solution primarily focuses on the technicality and operational capacity of wireless network connectivity. From RDID technology to on-premises wireless connectivity & mobility services we provide extensive infrastructure and integration services to make networking less complex and risk free.
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    Data Center Networking

    The digital era has evolved at an exponential rate and virtualization is taking its foothold in the networking industry. Large data farms and data centers now hold most of the world digital data. Moreover cloud computing is considered to be the next big thing which requires a well-structured Data Center Networking.


    Data Center Networking

    A huge data center infrastructure requires an organized networking structure to increase the overall capability of the data center whilst reducing the costs associated with it. An organization involved in providing data center services aims to achieve agility, security and unrestricted, uninterrupted and rapid access to the data.

    DHCP, DNS, IP Management

    Data Center Networks are extremely complex primarily because of the thousands of servers being managed and connected through advanced routing & switching. For sooth data center operations proper Ethernet switching, management of DNS, DHCP & IP along with storage networking.

    Data Center Networking Expertise

    iLead Integrated Solutions has years of experience in data center networking. Our approach is centered on your core business objectives. We recommend understanding the business objectives from the perspective of data center management at its pillars that include server-side, storage, network and application. This helps in designing a road map and initial structure of Data Center Network Management.
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    Infrastructure Security

    The biggest challenge that any organization faces these days pertains to the network infrastructure security. Due to the constant evolution of technology the security environment faces new types of threats from hackers. There is more accountability towards proper and strict IT governance, risk management, cloud security and minimization of potential security breach.


    Infrastructure Security

    Infrastructure Security is of the utmost importance to any organization and iLead Network Infrastructure Security experts offer the highest level of protection by implementing advanced security protocols. Our approach towards infrastructure security is based on aligning it with your business goals. Moreover our security services portfolio along with technology partners offer the most reliable and innovative industry proven solution.
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    Performance Optimization & Management Solutions

    Organizations work towards creating greater value for their IT infrastructure by introducing evolving technologies and applications to increase the overall performance and capability of their networks. Optimizing network performance can have a direct positive impact on application delivery and user experience.


    Performance Optimization & Management Solutions

    Network Optimization’s core objective is to get higher speed with 24/7 availability which can be achieved through WAN optimization, rapid application delivery and overall stronger network management strategies.

    Data Center Consolidation

    WAN traffic patterns are usually affected by the modernization and virtualization of data centers and poor network design are often considered the major problems related to bottlenecks and delays. Convergence is another aspect that iLead Experts cater to.

    Network Convergence

    Convergence usually occurs when variety of data is transmitted on networks that were initially designed to deal with one type of data. This in-turn causes bandwidth allocation issues along with greater latency and jitter which is actually considered bad for business considering the high demand for bandwidth and data transmission speed.
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